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Origin of Marnix
We are stepping forward as a pioneer of insurance brokers in Japan.
In 1996 Marnix was established in reflection of completely renewed Japan's Insurance Business Act, through which the insurance market was expected to be more deregulated.
We started our broker business as a new form of distributing insurance under such environment here in Japan.
We always have our keen eyes on providing our services to meet Japanese clients' specific needs, while we learn much from broker business worldwide.
Marnix strives hard to polish our expertise for our clients’ greater satisfaction.
Our Expertise (1) - Global Engineering and Energy Solutions
We are here to assist your risk management on plant and infrastructure projects worldwide.
We would like to mention risk management for engineering and energy spheres as Marnix’s specialties.
You are generally required to consider that various types of risk exist and tangle in a single project.
Listed are physical damage, liability claims, and such economic losses which result from delay or cessation of construction/operation.
There are so many parties holding interests in a project in different ways of participation that careful risk analysis and sophisticated coordination skill between those parties would be imperative.
Marnix has gained ripe experiences of global engineering and energy areas through risk management for Marubeni Group and other clients.
We are highly honored to provide all our clients with the expertise backed with such experience.
Our Expertise (2) - Cross-border Reinsurance Transactions
We present solutions for local insurance from global view.

While you proceed with a project in developing countries, you might have a trouble that you were requested to arrange insurance locally.
Reinsurance is supposed to be a solution for the case in terms of security.
An insurance company generally transfers part of risk it accepted to another insurance company. This mechanism is called reinsurance.

Marnix Group has set up a structure to arrange reinsurance in major markets worldwide through its three bases of operations: Tokyo, London and Singapore. We build up the reinsurance framework for a project ahead of referring it to local insurance company, so that we can negotiate in more favorable position. In this way we reach a goal of securing premium paid locally and improving claims settlement procedures as well. Marnix has a great number of insurance arrangements utilizing abovementioned reinsurance scheme in order to support clients’ stable, smooth and thorough accomplishment of overseas projects and operations.
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